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Department of Food and Beverage Management

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Department of Food and Beverage Management

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The Department of Food and Beverage Management, established in 1996, provides the student with a practical, management-oriented program that seeks to integrate theory with daily operations. Today’s Restaurant and Beverage Managers must be an expert at providing quality service in an era of growing competition, technological innovations, and sophisticated clientele. The needs are to upgrade the competitive ability in modern managements in this service industry in Taiwan and to face the challenge for the trend of globalization to receive visitors worldwide. Our department with about 900 students offers five-year, four-year continuing education and special continuing education program that combine practical experience with classroom theory to assist the student to gain the understanding, skills and techniques needed to qualify for job opportunity, and to achieve his or her career goals after graduation.



The Department has faculties and staff of 22 full-time teachers, including 8 doctoral professors-1 Full Professor, 2 Associate Professor, and 6 Assistant Professors. In addition, there are 9 Lecturers and 4 Professional Specialist as the technical teacher. All of them are with professional experiences and expertise in managing the restaurant and the food and beverage industries, as they are contributing enormous assistance to the students on both advanced studies and career placements.



The program on the food and beverage management courses provides specific courses about the perspective service-oriented management. The curriculum features the following main areas on business management, culinary arts, food science, and, others, emphasizing both theory and practice and exalts professional ethics and service devotion. As it is well known, our Department of Food and Beverage Management of TPCU is the five-year continuing education program of the first food and management department established in Taiwan.

The curriculum of our Department is graded as A by the Ministry of Education's Newly Established Curriculum Development Project, based on the Constant Curriculum Design of Vocational School System Restaurant Category to emphasize a complete transition between the vocational and the four-year Division.


Teaching, Research and Development


 To cultivate students with the idea of diligence and the importance of worldwide communication

 To teach and research on the aesthetics of food and beverage.

 To establish the concept of food health, hygiene, and safety.

 To inspire and develop on the culinary art.

 To secure the professional knowledge and skills on the culinary culture

 To inspire students enthusiastic serving manners.

 To provide the environment for happy learning, to enjoy learning, a lifelong learning.

Cooperation with the business industries

The Department adopts a so-called Sandwich Method in teaching, fulfilling the objective that emphasizes the integration of theory and practice by arranging the students to practice in more than 40 famous hotels that have built an industry and education partnership with the Department. The Department has five subject classrooms, including Chinese gourmet cookery, Western-styled entree cookery, bakery, bartending, and restaurant service. It sufficiently meets the various practical restaurant courses in demands. In addition, the Department actively encourages students to apply for technician licenses of related restaurant industry and provides students with computer rooms and language laboratories to practice for their courses. Moreover, the Council of Labor Affairs has designated the Chinese gourmet cookery classroom as the test site of the practical subject of National Skill Examination Grade B and C, bartending classroom as the practical subject of National Skill Examination Grade C.

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